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(46031) (link) Oekaki by amyd, total drawing time 0 : 51 : 9

amyd [Profile] 2013/1/13 - 22:12:17
Oh man, it didn't make it into Quicklings >.<
Anyway, just something quick.

brownwolfcub [Profile] 2013/1/14 - 4:18:35
Very cute
I love the big eyes they make me think of my cat, except his aren't pink XD Nice colours
bludrgn [Profile] 2013/1/14 - 16:22:46
you can still post into 'lower' boards even if the time goes over.
I like the colors you used here. C:
and the lineart, while sketchy, shows that you have a good grip on the form.
*thumbs up*
amyd [Profile] 2013/1/14 - 17:40:48
Thanks you two. XD
miles [Profile] 2013/1/17 - 20:42:41
i love it! really cool critter.

(46030) (link) Oekaki by frost_star, total drawing time 0 : 58 : 21

frost_star [Profile] 2013/1/13 - 15:56:37
i am a slave to line art

dreyacira [Profile] 2013/1/13 - 21:33:0
You and me both. As much as you say that, though, I really like the coloring on this guy.
catgirl [Profile] 2013/1/19 - 6:20:40
haha. At least it's cool line art.

(46029) (link) Oekaki by dragon-drawer, total drawing time 1 : 5 : 58

dragon-drawer [Profile] 2013/1/13 - 10:5:55
This was going to be my entry for the space contest, a wormhole dragon, but I'm not so sure anymore. I think I'll try a different idea later.

lady_miragon [Profile] 2013/1/13 - 14:26:50
Let me know if you to enter this or not. Thanks!
miles [Profile] 2013/1/17 - 20:55:30
i like it! reminds me of the snowager from neopets.

(46028) (link) Oekaki by wolven, total drawing time 1 : 1 : 50

wolven [Profile] 2013/1/13 - 1:31:6
My entry for the Spacial dragon/Alien contest.

Its a nova stream Dragon. the reason for its name is that all its glowing orbs can burn up to the same temperature as a supernova. They are normally quite peaceful creatures, but when challenged, they can become extremely aggressive, and lose their lush, green lights in exchange for flaming red ones. Their skin is almost metalic in nature, but can only be destroyed from the inside outward. They are carnivorous, but do not eat anything more than they need, however their diet consists mainly of worms. For other creatures though, their lights are used to lure prey close, before extending their maw and engulfing the creatures whole. It is unknown why, but they have a particular hatred towards xenomorphs and comet dragons.

Hope you guys likey. C&C please!

frost_star [Profile] 2013/1/13 - 6:28:29
lady_miragon [Profile] 2013/1/13 - 9:53:31
Wow! Great concept and design! Awesome shading, too. Entry accepted!
amyd [Profile] 2013/1/13 - 12:35:38
This is really awsome. I love the idea of the dragon.
I really like the glowing things at the of the hand thingies.
wolven [Profile] 2013/1/16 - 5:10:6
haha. Thanks guys! ^-^
imagamaker [Profile] 2013/1/29 - 14:10:24
This is the most imaginative dragon I have ever laid eyes upon!
I adore how it's nearly invisible, and those globes on the end of those....legs?.....take my breath away. I literally stared at this for like a minute! Brilliance!
imagamaker [Profile] 2013/1/29 - 14:10:32
This is the most imaginative dragon I have ever laid eyes upon!
I adore how it's nearly invisible, and those globes on the end of those....legs?.....take my breath away. I literally stared at this for like a minute! Brilliance!
imagamaker [Profile] 2013/1/29 - 14:11:35
Aw, shoot, how the heck did my comments double up on me? Again, nice picture anyway though!!!!!

(46027) (link) Oekaki by pumadragon, total drawing time 0 : 53 : 40

pumadragon [Profile] 2013/1/13 - 0:27:43
This is a dude I drew at school a couple days ago.....he's kinda based off of link. And yay my demons are improving....

hanet [Profile] 2013/1/15 - 18:30:51
tight looking-love the detail on the face and the stare-:) lmfao-Sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!

(46026) (link) Oekaki by inu112, total drawing time 6 : 57 : 10

inu112 [Profile] 2013/1/12 - 23:45:33
Only took 2-ish hours.

Farewell gift for Sacer, though I think I may be too late. :/

pumadragon [Profile] 2013/1/13 - 0:28:42
so what actually happened to sacer, I mean I had a guess but I wasn't really sure what was going on...could someone tell me?
sacerlupus [Profile] 2013/1/13 - 1:31:15
Thank you so much for the picture!!! <3<3<3<3<3<3 You didn't miss me, I saw this just in time~ he looks like such a bad-a@% her @3@
Thank you!
Puma, here is my Journal [link]

(46025) (link) Oekaki by frost_star, total drawing time 1 : 1 : 34

frost_star [Profile] 2013/1/12 - 15:6:13
ow. my butt hurts for sitting to long.

[anon]miles 2013/1/12 - 20:20:39
great job, though i'm sorry you had to suffer butt pains for it!
anywho i really like the colours you used. they really go together nicely and set a cool atmosphere.
however the hair... looks a little stiff.. hair doesn't normally stand in strong spikes like this but rather flows and hangs down depending on the density and length. long hair like this would flow, and i think that was the look you were going for, so it would curl and twist around rather than be straight and stiff. also i see you've outlined some of the strands, but the locks of hair on the right seem to be missing this 0:
her neck is also a little too defined. unless someone is extremely skinny, you shouldn't be able to see the tendons and throat like that. have a look at some pictures for references to get a better understanding of the anatomy there.

(46024) (link) Oekaki by frost_star, total drawing time 0 : 58 : 11

frost_star [Profile] 2013/1/12 - 12:2:23
My entry for the space contest. It is a black hole dragon. took me a while to get the colors right but here it is!

pumadragon [Profile] 2013/1/12 - 16:24:31
ooh now that's pretty scary. I like how you came up with the black-hole thing. And to be honest those colors are really great, they look just like the kind of colors you might expect to see in a nebula. Nice job on this.
lady_miragon [Profile] 2013/1/12 - 17:25:27
^ puma hit it on the nail! Entry accepted! Awesome idea and colors!
[anon]miles 2013/1/12 - 20:21:56
i agree, this is amazing! i love the idea of having a dragon black hole and you portrayed the idea so fantastically, i love it.
i also agree about the colours.. they are beautiful.
frost_star [Profile] 2013/1/13 - 6:28:5
awe *blush* thanks everyone

(46022) (link) Oekaki by wolven, total drawing time 2 : 55 : 57

wolven [Profile] 2013/1/12 - 10:33:35
Woah... my hannnnd!!!

I guess i'm quite pleased with this, I'm still experimenting with that last effect i used, and it works, but i'm gonna have to invert it, cuz next picture takes place in a blizzard. eek!

I'll post the chapter as soon as I find my Ipod.

in the meantime, C&C would be appreciated, people.

wolven [Profile] 2013/1/12 - 10:48:39
“I would be wary if I were you Cane. That is… If you are doing what I think you will.” Oriel said, and Cane turned to him with a confused expression.
“What do you mean?” Cane asked, eager for an explanation. Then with a glance from Glaedr, realisation struck him square in the face. “The Hooded ones!”
“They were in ‘the drunken hunter’ last night! We saw them, you and I!” Cane remembered at last. “They said nothing, but I remember odd clicks coming from them.”
“Indeed. A most odd duet, but they were not here by accident. Glaedr and I were incapacitated when they left.”
Glaedr turned towards them and spoke to Cane.
“We followed their scent to the foot of the black mountain. There, they were veiled to us and we could proceed no further so we turned back, hoping to retrace ourselves.”
“We failed in that,” Oriel said, with a tone to his voice that indicated shame, or remorse. “Their trail stopped at a black wall, with no nooks or crannies, no cracks or even the slightest hint of their whereabouts. It was a perfect slab of black rock, with a sheen like marble.”
“The Black door. You can only get into the ruins at dusk.” Cane reminded him.
“Our attempt left us bewildered, but I knew deep down that I… that we… were not worthy to enter such a hallowed place.” Oriel stated.
Cane looked once more at the mountain behind it’s wall.
“So the Wild men, Yeersha and the strangers are all up there…” Cane concluded.
“Yes. But I fear something terrible is amiss. I feel it in my bones, and it itches my scales horribly.” Glaedr said with a tone of finality and foreboding intent.
“Well, then I’m out of here.” Cane stated and began to walk towards the blacksmiths where he had been informed his armour was. Oriel accompanied him, after Glaedr and he, shared a quick glance.
“Cane,” Oriel said as he began to don his armour. Cane turned, as he put on the chest piece. “There is something that Glaedr and I, think you should know before you set out on this.”
Cane busied himself, putting on the armour whilst listening to Oriel who informed him of the nature of the two strangers. When Oriel had finished, Cane was shaking with nerves.
“I’m unsure about this now.” He said flatly, looking at his dagger as he sheathed it. “Do you really think she’s still alive?”
“It is not my place to answer that Cane. I’m sorry, but I can do no more for you in this part.”
“I stand with Oriel. But I should ask you in his stead; do you believe she is alive?”
Cane was silent, knowing the answer deep within him.
“I know what must be done.” He said finally, and exited the Blacksmith’s forge. Of a sudden he felt isolated, standing in the middle of the street. Oriel stood by the door of the blacksmith’s, and a moment of confusion crossed Cane’s mind.
“Will you not come with me, both of you?” He asked, turning to them feeling for the first time in his life, the need for companionship. Oriel looked at Glaedr, who Cane now noticed looked thoroughly unwell and heavily beaten.
“Our hearts should very much like to join you in this Cane, but we would be of a hindrance to you. My nerves are not what they used to be, and I am old now Cane.”
“And I am weary of what lies ahead, and I lie here, beaten by the elements. No. We cannot go with you, nor would it be our place to do so.”
“What about your mission?” Cane asked.
“I trust you Cane…” Oriel began.
“…That you should see it through.” Glaedr finished. Cane knew that he had gained Glaedr’s confidence as well.
With a brief embrace, Cane bade farewell and took his spade and dagger, and bounded into the night with the ferocity and pride of a lone wolf, His eyes focused and his mind bent on finding the young girl, even if he had to battle the largest dragon to do so.
Oriel and Glaedr walked back to the tavern, where they rested by each other, as Oriel positioned himself underneath Glaedr’s right wing.
“I think we are having a bad influence on the boy.” Glaedr said, opening his maw slightly to show his teeth in a kind of grin. “But I wonder what he is doing right now.”
“Isn’t it obvious?” Oriel said to his dragon, “He’s delving into the unknown as we once did.”
Glaedr looked to the stars, as they burned and sparkled with their otherworldly light, sending a moment of clarity to them both.
“Then may the stars shine on him all the brighter.”
[anon]miles 2013/1/12 - 20:22:24
i love this effect of yours.. it is so awesome and fantastic.

(46021) (link) Oekaki by eclectic_heart, total drawing time 3 : 0 : 6

eclectic_heart [Profile] 2013/1/12 - 4:1:34
Marshall pursued the career of a firefighter because of his instinctive protectiveness, gentleness, and natural strength. Hélène Is small, sweet, and fits in his arms perfectly. Soul mates.


Happy birthday Lenny! Have some Marshall and Hélène love!

[anon]miles 2013/1/12 - 20:23:0
it's so great to see all the old pairings making a reappearance :3
this is lovely.. i love how you draw noses, and your colours are great.
lennythynn [Profile] 2013/1/16 - 17:58:31
They are so sweet together<3 Ahah, you don't know how much I love your style, Eclectic (especially those noses)<3 And I get a birthday picture in it from you!<3 *is ridiculously happy* I love the lineless technique you used here! (Or rather, non-black lineart. Sort of. In any case, I love it!<3) *hugs* Thank you so much!<3

(46020) (link) Oekaki by ikasajidoshan88, total drawing time 2 : 21 : 45

ikasajidoshan88 [Profile] 2013/1/12 - 0:17:36
this started as Dwalin, but turned into Bifur so it took twice as long

[anon]miles 2013/1/12 - 20:23:16
beautiful detail as always *-*
bluedragonfaerie [Profile] 2013/1/13 - 20:22:57
Beautfiul work !!! I love the sketchiness
catgirl [Profile] 2013/1/19 - 6:21:42
Such a good face.

(46019) (link) Oekaki by patchy, total drawing time 18 : 34 : 42

patchy [Profile] 2013/1/11 - 22:26:29
I left this picture open for at least an hour, probably more, so the timer is off.

Anyway, this is my entry for the Monster Fusion Contest. It is a combination of a cat, a rat, and a bat because I like them and they rhyme. The wings and the ears belong to a bat, the tail and back feet are from a rat, and the rest is cat.

missscythe [Profile] 2013/1/12 - 4:50:25
Super cute! What a good idea, they rhyme and everything :'3
Loving the wings :3
frost_star [Profile] 2013/1/12 - 10:54:39
awe it's so cute! thanks for the entry!
frost_star [Profile] 2013/1/12 - 10:54:40
awe it's so cute! thanks for the entry!
[anon]miles 2013/1/12 - 20:23:51
what an awesome fusion! i love how you mixed the animals.. it looks natural. i also love the texture on those wings *-*
catgirl [Profile] 2013/1/19 - 6:24:3
Cute! The different parts just seem to go together, and you did such a good job on the face.

(46018) (link) Oekaki by hanet, total drawing time 3 : 8 : 46

hanet [Profile] 2013/1/11 - 21:15:50
they used attract on each other

[anon]miles 2013/1/12 - 20:44:24
i love the colours and blending here :3

(46017) (link) Oekaki by 1world1name, total drawing time 0 : 52 : 58

1world1name [Profile] 2013/1/11 - 19:38:20
Something from my math notes from about three or two days ago.

pumadragon [Profile] 2013/1/11 - 22:42:21
Would you not agree that the best creations come from math notes drawings :)
hanet [Profile] 2013/1/12 - 15:45:51
is that your teacher-how awesome would that be if it was
1world1name [Profile] 2013/1/12 - 15:53:34
puma: I agree! :)
hanet: lol It would be scary if that was my math teacher. The stare, man *shivers*
[anon]miles 2013/1/12 - 20:45:2
i think this is so awesome.. i love your clean lines and highlights
1world1name [Profile] 2013/1/13 - 11:10:6
Thanks miles!

(46016) (link) Oekaki by lauuw_dragons, total drawing time 2 : 51 : 58

lauuw_dragons [Profile] 2013/1/11 - 16:19:39

missscythe [Profile] 2013/1/11 - 18:10:5
Wow, this is beautiful.
Those antlers look gorgeous and I love the blue magical stuff oozing from the eyes ;o;
Just the way this has been done overall is so pleasing to look at, really well done.
bleufire [Profile] 2013/1/11 - 22:23:20
This has a very majestic, otherworldly feel to it. It's a nice feeling. The horns are a nice touch and I like how alien the face is. Awesome job~ <3
miles [Profile] 2013/1/12 - 21:41:35
beautiful work as always.. i love your creatures. they are always so inventive and beautiful, as well as your colours and blending. fantastic work.
imagamaker [Profile] 2013/1/30 - 13:35:23
Amazing swamp monster!
Would you mind if I rode it?

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