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Announcement: On September 10th 2014, we lost a dear member of our oekaki family. Linda Bower better known as Shamelessaardvark or Tigerchimera is no longer with us. Please take a moment to remember her. If you'd like to do something in her memory please follow the link to an art memorial Zoing has set up to send to her family. She will forever be a part of our family.

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(46085) (link) Oekaki by lemmyloop, total drawing time 6 : 53 : 22

lemmyloop [Profile] 2013/1/29 - 18:53:50
Felt the urge to draw my sphinx character. Originally he was supposed to have gray fur, and a solid black mane/wings. But I wanted his face and fur to be the same color, and gray just didn't do it for me. So I started putting more red into it, and this is how he turned out. I have decided that I like it.

dreyacira [Profile] 2013/1/29 - 19:2:5
He looks very pretty...but also kind of scary! Like, I'd be afraid to tell him how pretty he looks. I love all the strokes in his mane, I feel like I can see every individual's so pretty. I love the colors you used, too. Dem feet!
1world1name [Profile] 2013/1/29 - 19:38:7
I agree with dreya! The facial markings are pretty cool too!
geckodragon [Profile] 2013/1/29 - 20:5:40
Wow! i just LOVE everything about this guy! beautiful paws. I am so jealous of how smooth all your art looks! :D
tayuyaxn [Profile] 2013/1/29 - 20:21:25
Your streak of badass-drawing continues.
silvershadow [Profile] 2013/1/30 - 11:45:25
Wow, very lovely. I'm glad you decided you like this design, because I like it lots! You are so amazing at lighting/shading/anatomy/everything. :)
reluctantbrony [Profile] 2013/1/30 - 12:21:42
Gorgeous. :3
flapjack [Profile] 2013/1/30 - 14:38:23
what do you use the shii painter pro? just shii painter?

lemmyloop [Profile] 2013/1/30 - 21:47:43
Aw thanks for all the kind words guys.

@Dreya: That's exactly the kind of response I wanted. They're supposed to be beautiful creatures, but they're also scary.

@Flapjack: I use ShiPainter Pro!
flapjack [Profile] 2013/1/31 - 14:15:59
ok thank you! :D
This is awesome fyi! :3
miles [Profile] 2013/2/1 - 17:35:46
great work, i love this :D the eyes are so shiny and it really stands out against the bleak colours.
[anon]skullz 2013/2/2 - 21:34:6
Oh gawd, it's beautiful~!

(46084) (link) Oekaki by keidarancitygirl, total drawing time 0 : 56 : 27

keidarancitygirl [Profile] 2013/1/29 - 17:52:46
'Then Yavanna arose and...laid her hands on each of the Trees; and every limb she touched fell dead at her feet. So then Nienna rose and cast her hood back; and she sang in lamentation for the Light of the trees, now held only in the Silmarils.' yes, I've been reading too much of 'the Lord of the Rings' again.
i told my little sis that she could comment:
'HI! this is the BEST DRAWING EVER!!!'
um, ok. well. thanks?

miles [Profile] 2013/2/1 - 17:43:55
i think it's pretty awesome :3 the light colours are really cool, and i like how you made the dark colours fade so that they don't look so stark against the white.

(46083) (link) Oekaki by imagamaker, total drawing time 1 : 23 : 23

imagamaker [Profile] 2013/1/29 - 13:41:41
Finally! This is a little something from a comic I'm drawing on paper. The guy with the cowboy hat is the headless horseman (I forgot to introduce him) and some of you might recognize the boogeyman from a earlier drawing. The minicomic itself is called "The Boogeyman's Daughter", but Raven doesn't appear here. Maybe I'll draw her later.

1world1name [Profile] 2013/1/29 - 19:41:19
The Invisible Man is pretty funny. :) I like how you changed the speech bubble style for the Boogey Man. It really adds to his character. Are you going to post the comic somewhere once you're finished?
imagamaker [Profile] 2013/1/30 - 11:57:59
Yeah, I might. This is like somewere in the middle.
The comic so far is in like this leatherish-book that my friend got for me at Christmas, and I decided to draw random comic stories in it......I'll see If I can scan it in or something.
Thanks for the coment!
miles [Profile] 2013/2/1 - 17:44:27
this is so cool! i hope you continue, it's awesome.
[anon]skullz 2013/2/2 - 21:35:38
This is so clever, I want maaaoor!

(46082) (link) Oekaki by wolven, total drawing time 1 : 1 : 17

wolven [Profile] 2013/1/29 - 10:59:12
This is my entry for the Fusion monster contest. IE: a cross between an australian desert lizard, an emperor scorpion and a red stag. (deer) I really hope this makes it, cuz it seems a tad last minute. pweh. I'll hope for the best.

frost_star [Profile] 2013/1/29 - 12:15:19
super cool wolven! I love this design
[anon]miles 2013/1/29 - 12:22:49
australian desert lizard? i think you mean frill-necked lizard?
anywho this looks super cool :D
blue_and_orange_dragon [Profile] 2013/1/29 - 16:35:56
This is a very ingenious design. :) I like how you used red-themed animals...
1world1name [Profile] 2013/1/29 - 19:42:13
Very cool. :)
silvershadow [Profile] 2013/1/30 - 11:43:30
Wow, super-original! I love this! I especially like how you placed the antlers. :)And his eyes are epic! Well done! :D

(46081) (link) Oekaki by inu112, total drawing time 0 : 58 : 54

inu112 [Profile] 2013/1/28 - 21:11:38

Muse makes me want to set things on fire. ene

missscythe [Profile] 2013/1/29 - 2:48:10
Ugh, wow - this is so intriguing.
Best use of colours ever! Lovelovelove that smokey look to the hair. :3

imagamaker [Profile] 2013/1/29 - 13:42:56
Holy hurricane! I LOVE the hair!!!!!!!!!!
1world1name [Profile] 2013/1/29 - 19:43:26
pretty colors~ I like the overall feel of this.
miles [Profile] 2013/2/1 - 17:45:6
dang, the way you blended the colours is amazing @w@ love it.
[anon]jkm930 2013/2/7 - 16:43:2
:c do you have tumblr? and will you post this so i can reblog it? OR IF YOU DONT HAVE TUMBLR CAN I POST IT AND PUT A LINK TO YOUR DA??

(46080) (link) Oekaki by [anon]werewolfgirl1343, total drawing time 2 : 41 : 43

[anon]werewolfgirl1343 2013/1/28 - 2:1:1
Suggestions for names welcome :)

sandra [Profile] 2013/1/28 - 2:24:40
This picture is awsome. I love everything you have done on it especialy the harness thing. As for the names you could call it Emphorus Skyla. Hope that name helps and good background there.
miles [Profile] 2013/1/28 - 3:36:0
ooohh i really love the colours here :3 i suck at names, so i'm real sorry i cant help you there, but this really looks awesome. i absolutely love the shading around the jaw.
kiddabob [Profile] 2013/1/28 - 5:24:43
aquapolian wauld be a good name, i think.
[anon]moo492_not_logged_in 2013/1/28 - 6:4:4
I really like the colours here! She looks kinda like Saphira from Eragon. I also really like the harness, and the eye looks so cute!
silvershadow [Profile] 2013/1/28 - 12:48:54
This is very cute! Love that harness. As for names, Chenzie, Saida (say-duh), Ranith, Norva, and Jennery are some suggestions from me. :)
[anon]werewolfgirl1343 2013/1/28 - 14:29:29
Thanks for the name suggestions! so hard to choose just one! ill let you know my decision later.... :)
catgirl [Profile] 2013/1/28 - 18:8:56
She's so cute and pretty. I like the highlights.
werewolfgirl1343 [Profile] 2013/1/31 - 0:58:18
right, ive finally made my decision.....i chose the name aquapolian, cause i thinks its cute and i decided she shall be a water dragon, thanks again to everyone for the comments and name suggestions they are appreciated greatly :)

(46079) (link) Oekaki by pumadragon, total drawing time 1 : 27 : 36

pumadragon [Profile] 2013/1/27 - 21:47:7
I don't know if anybody remembers this guy, he's the "elf prince"...

basically, I felt like it turned out as a good sketch, and I didn't want to jack it up with some shoddy line art, so I did some light coloring to give it a kind of stunning, surreal effect. I also wanted his expression to look kinda epic, so hopefully that worked.

C&C appreciated. And wow is there a lot of snow outside 0_0

miles [Profile] 2013/1/28 - 3:36:40
this is SO COOL! i really love the detail on the face, and the sketchiness really adds character to the picture. also can i say that sword is incredible.
frost_star [Profile] 2013/1/28 - 4:2:22
wow dat sword this sooooo goood! I really suck at swords.
I think I remember seeing this guy while looking through old posts, I glad to see him again.
frost_star [Profile] 2013/1/28 - 4:41:33
hate my spelling
wolven [Profile] 2013/1/28 - 15:54:40
I for one wouldnt want to get caught in a tangle at close range wiv this guy. Though being awesome... of which there is no mistaking, he has that look about him that tells me he's more than adept at using a blade like that. On another note, as Frost star said, That sword is awesome, and i should hence get some practise at drawing them. I'm gonna be needn to draw them a lot. so... TEACH ME how to draw em so good. jk. (unless you really want to).
You are improving so much Puma its actually quite astonishing. I look forward to your future posts with great enthusiasm.

geckodragon [Profile] 2013/1/28 - 17:28:21
Absolutely epic pic though
blue_and_orange_dragon [Profile] 2013/1/29 - 16:39:30
wait, wait, wait, you guys actually think the sword is good? :/ To be honest I myself didn't think it was that great, and actually I don't know too much about swords....I mean I kind of do, I know names of a few parts and the general build, and a couple different kinds of swords. And there are a few swords I like to use for inspiration, for instance Link's Master Sword. But other than that, I don't know much. I guess I could give tips if anybody needs them. Thanks for all the comments though! :D
blue_and_orange_dragon [Profile] 2013/1/29 - 16:40:40
By the way that was puma speaking, on another account.
1world1name [Profile] 2013/1/29 - 18:57:12
This guy definitely looks intimidating. Right now I'm studying the structure of different swords for a story I'm working on. This one is pretty nice, though. Nice job, puma!

(46077) (link) Oekaki by [anon]shimmershine, total drawing time 1 : 22 : 25

[anon]shimmershine 2013/1/27 - 15:7:49
This came out rather good. I just wish i could have got a nice background.

brownwolfcub [Profile] 2013/1/27 - 15:14:57
I like the scales, and how they're just lighter than the base colour, it gives the head a pebbley look without it being too bright. Good shine on the horns and spines, and I like the colours you used for the eye :)
miles [Profile] 2013/1/28 - 3:37:27
i agree with brownwolfcub, the light scales is such a nice effect :3 i love how long the muzzle is. it gives him a more sinister look.
silvershadow [Profile] 2013/1/28 - 12:44:46
I love how sleek he is! Your lighting is fabulous. :)
1world1name [Profile] 2013/1/29 - 19:45:9
I like the flowiness(?) of this. It's interesting. :)
[anon]skullz 2013/2/2 - 21:36:47
This is kewl! Smauuuuugg-ilicious

(46076) (link) Oekaki by heather, total drawing time 2 : 12 : 29

heather [Profile] 2013/1/26 - 18:59:48
"We're not going to die....

Finishing up Lucky 13, twists are made....big ones.

judging by the picture, what do you think will happen next?
What do you say, will he live?...or Die?

C&C is welcome

brownwolfcub [Profile] 2013/1/26 - 20:39:27
The expression in this is I reckon he might die, in peace. I has a bit of a look of finality. I like :)
heather [Profile] 2013/1/26 - 20:40:35
Ah messed up, i put 1 scar over his evey instead of 3, shame i cant go back and fix it... -_-
heather [Profile] 2013/1/26 - 20:52:43
He is called Lucky for a reason, he's made it out of situations like this before, but i cant decide whether he should live or die and how that would effect part two...

[anon]_ 2013/1/27 - 7:25:30
Maybe he could pull a Harry Potter and come back to life haha. Or come back as somebody different altogether.
dreyacira [Profile] 2013/1/27 - 16:14:15
I like the perspective you put into this drawing, and the background is nice. For crits, first thing I would say is to not use so much airbrush. It tends to blur everything out, and it makes the sky look a little unnatural. I suggest looking up a picture of a colorful sunset sky and trying to work from that, maybe with the pen tool on low opacity or the watercolor brush. As for Lucky, I suggest looking up references of big cats. His face looks nice, but his ears are a little too round I think. Good luck!
miles [Profile] 2013/1/28 - 3:39:33
dreya beat me to what i was going to say :3 but i think this looks awesome. the colours are really nice, and i love the small details you've included on the face especially.
catgirl [Profile] 2013/1/28 - 19:2:49
Nice color in this. I keep staring at the green in the ear, it looks like the sunlight is shining through it, very nice.

As for what happens, I'm thinking he lives, even if it *looks* like it might be final. Might just be because I favor characters living. I went through that kind of thing with my char Max a few years ago, and decided he lives. :>
1world1name [Profile] 2013/1/29 - 19:47:14
Heh, I usually kill off all my characters at the end if the story is really deep. I think he should live, but have like a bit of his tail missing or something. That way, it's a bit of a mix.

(46075) (link) Oekaki by reluctantbrony, total drawing time 0 : 56 : 50

reluctantbrony [Profile] 2013/1/26 - 18:8:8
I'd put it in Elder, because of some boob content, but I forgot I don't have that option... I think I was supposed to contact someone?

Anyway! Freyja Ulfguard, my Warhammer 40K OC, lying on a bed in her birthday suit, for some reason. Probably wondering where the rest of her room went...

Anyway, comments and crit welcome.

kanadra [Profile] 2013/1/26 - 21:1:26
I can give you 18+ privileges because you are 18, but this is fine for any of the boards, it doesn't have to be on Elder Wyrm.
The drawing is great. The lineart is nice and clean, and the anatomy is awesome, too.
I'm not sure if the pink marks on her body are meant to be scars, but I think they might be a little too bright. Maybe a softer, less blue pink would be better for scars? Or if they aren't fresh scars, the might fade to a paler version of the skin tone... Thats how my scars work, anyway. :)
reluctantbrony [Profile] 2013/1/27 - 11:0:46
Thank you. :3

Yeah, I should probably change the scar colours; I was going for an 'unnatural scar' look, but they look more like lipstick at the moment. XD
miles [Profile] 2013/1/28 - 3:40:45
you pulled off this pose really well! i love how you drew her face, too. everything looks really great. i agree with kanadra, too; your lines are definitely getting a whole lot smoother and it looks great :D
reluctantbrony [Profile] 2013/1/28 - 19:52:17
Thank you. :3 I guess I'm getting a handle on this tablet now; I'll have more up tomorrow, hopefully.
1world1name [Profile] 2013/1/29 - 19:48:29
Your lines are so beautiful. This looks fantastic and I don't think it's too mature.

(46074) (link) Oekaki by wolven, total drawing time 1 : 24 : 49

wolven [Profile] 2013/1/26 - 14:28:0
Chapter 8
The Ruins.

It was less than a minute before Cane felt the heat from the depths of Blackreach. Having been so caught up in the door’s collapse and the sudden darkness, he simply pressed onwards. Now, as he was travelling down a long, winding stairway, where there was a deep orange light coming from the bottom, he figured he must have been in some kind of tower. The heat was intense, so much so he had to discard his wolf pelt as it caught fire. He also sheathed his tools.
Cane removed the mask on his face after some time, for he found it to have become clogged up with fumes. Resting his left hand on one of the cavern walls, he removed it. As he breathed in, he found himself spluttering uncontrollably, for he found the air to be distasteful. He quickly attempted to move, but was caught by his hand, which had sunk deep into the wall. He pulled with all his might to get it free, pulling a large chunk of clay out with him. The walls were treacherous.
Cane cursed silently. He wished that it was possible to do magic like Oriel, but he remembered the old tales that His half-brothers old septa used to tell them.
“In the years of old” She would say, as she used to begin all her stories that way, “We, the Krosnia were proficient in the art of magic. We had access to limitless stores within ourselves, for we had learnt secrets that even the Wood elves of the south could not even dream of. But we were flawed in that sense, for we grew arrogant in our power.”
“We crossed the sea from the west, from our long forgotten homeland, to find our cousins of Alagaesia. But we were cast adrift by a storm, for to the south, flames whirled like a storm, and a thousand thunders echoed across the sea. We came to Ignitia, our cold land of the wild. But we were not the first to land here.”
“They were known as the dark coven. A band of raven-like creatures, who had mastered the magical arts and had conquered the land. They saw us coming from the west, and they crippled us in the starfields in the Great war. They caused fire, and stone to rain down from the heavens, the ground turned to flae beneath us, and a void was opened that we could not seal.”
“Only when the last thousand of us crossed, did we realise their weakness. Our ancestors charged them and we beat them in the end, but at a terrible price, for as they retreated into the darkness, they laid a curse upon us all, that we should never use magic again. Only the seven Martyrs were spared the curse and it is on them who we lay our gratitude, for they gave their lives for ours.”
“So I am twice cursed.” Cane thought to himself, as he recalled it inside his head. The poor septa died some years back. Cane buried her in the crypts himself.
He tried his best to ignore the fumes, eventually resorting to casual breaths, focusing on the task at hand. The orange light grew steadily brighter, as he reached the bottom of the stairway. He pressed onward, until he came across a bridge, half crumbled with the orange light below it. He tempted fate, and walked over the bridge, looking down all the while. Below him, roiling like a storm on an ocean was a pool of molten rock and ore, with bubbles of the liquid bursting at the surface, and something, what Cane did not know, seemed to seep upwards through the orange mire, igniting on the surface with all the blazing light of a forge.
“Oriel,” Cane said, wishing with all his might that he might punch the old hermit as best he could, “This place is a death trap. I’m going to haunt you if I die here.”
As if in response, the ground began to waver, and Cane clutched to the sides of the bridge (which he knew were solid) for dear life, as the pool rocked from side to side like a ship on an ocean. A thunderous quake struck him from the other side of the bridge.
In fury, a pillar of lava burst from the pool, impacting on the roof, showering Cane with shards of rock. The roof began to crack, and soon, crags were clearly visible in the ceiling. With horror, he realised it was going to give way.
Despite the rocking, he released his clamp on the sides and set off, sprinting down the corridor, just as the roof gave way, and the bridge was obliterated. He did not stop to look back, he continued down the corridor as fast as his legs would carry him.
Eventually, he could see a clearing, and the ceiling of the corridor had risen, and the walls formed solid rock. He stopped for a breather as the air tasted slightly cleaner, before rounding a corner and stopping himself fearing he had reached the underworld.
The room was colossal, beyond the size of anything he had ever seen, and it’s size befitted the black mountain. He stood before a huge, round abyss, with one massive spire pod, shaped oddly like a moth’s cocoon and suspended from the roof and the world far below it. It was in the centre of the room, and despite its suspenders, was held in place by a web-work of bridges, each of which held numerous stalactites from their underbellies. The bridges themselves were thin, and seemed on the verge of collapse. Cane looked down, and despite the black void he envisaged, there were bright pools of lava far below, so far in fact it seemed impossible to think there would be anything down there to suspend the spire pod, which left it in the fragile grip of it’s roof and wall-based hangings. Beyond the bridges were further tunnels, which obviously led to other areas of the colossal labyrinth. The spire, he realised, was hollowed out, for the bridge closest to him led to the top of it, which had been carved so that the inside would be some kind of dome, with pillars to hold it up.
His amazement was diminished, when he decided to cross the bridge closest to him, and he felt a small vibration in the bridge, and the air, even in his nerves. When he was halfway across, he looked to one of the other bridges lower down, and he saw three figures.
“Cane!” a small one called in a voice barely recognisable as one Cane knew. He focused on the smallest, entrapped in some kind of cage. The others were garbed in black robes, and they were hooded. They turned as soon as Cane returned his call of “Yeersha!” which was in frantic tones. They hissed, and they removed their hoods, for Cane knew his enemies at last. Cane winced as a pair of piercing shrieks echoed through the abyss, letting him hear the cruel, alien likeness of the Ra’zac.
Then, as if in response to their shouts, the earth quaked once more, more violent and terrible than before, and a deafening peal of thunder came from somewhere within the Cavern. Cane’s hands went straight to his ears in a vain attempt to blot out the noise. The Ra’zac hissed and clicked frantically, and their heads flicked around in panic. The roar finally subsided, and the mountain was silent, though Cane knew deep down, that there was something there that was not to be reckoned with. For the first time in his life, Cane believed in demons.

wolven [Profile] 2013/1/26 - 14:31:29


So. Thats the beginning of chapter 8, and i really hope people like it and gimme comments. Also... Ouch. This picture really hurt my hands. this would be the colluseum-type room that is described. My original drawing of it on paper was much better than this. Pity i didnt have it with me at the time.
pumadragon [Profile] 2013/1/27 - 12:32:10
Well I can tell you that you achieved probably the effect you were going for with this picture, when I first laid eyes on it I actually found it rather intimidating (even though I didn't know what it was at first) I like the ingenuity of this place, the fact that you are able to come up with such cool (if deadly) places is really quite impressive. (And I almost feel bad for Cane having to run straight into the most dangerous situations and locations, but hey, he's got nothing better to do).

My only crit about the picture would be that you described the light as coming from below, and I do see that here, but I feel like even if the light from the magma was radiating all around the inside of blackreach, there would still be less light on the top of the rock formations and more reflecting off the bottom (hopefully that made sense).

And as usual, great writing, I always look forward to the next development of your plot, it just keeps getting more and more exciting. Keep it up Wolven!

miles [Profile] 2013/1/28 - 3:41:16
oh my gosh this looks so awesome... incredible work.
wolven [Profile] 2013/1/28 - 15:48:17
Well said Puma. I need that kind of constructive criticism once in a while, and you are quite right in what you said. just when i was drawing it, i wanted to make sure people could visualise what exactly the room was supposed to look like. I'm also quite glad you are enjoying the story atm Puma.The next post is taking longer than i anticipated. Finding the right scene is trouble, and given that the eragon movie was formerly my standard against which bad movies were rated, i got nothing to go on about how to draw the Ra'zac. I do have ideas though.
As always, Miles, i appreciate your comments. They mean loads to me man.
silvershadow [Profile] 2013/1/29 - 11:1:55
Wow, great chapter! I love your illustration here. I especially like how it's all so dim, but glowing at the same time... Very cool. :)
tayuyaxn [Profile] 2013/1/29 - 20:9:7
I like the use of a color lineart against the black. But may I suggest you post your work on a writing archive or a blog instead ? That way you could just post the link and it would be much easier to read on a blogsite.
wolven [Profile] 2013/1/30 - 1:57:41
I'll take you up on tha suggestion Tayu, but if its alright, I would like to finish up on this chapter the way i have done up until now. That should get me time to get a profile somewhere else (eg. writerscafe- top suggestion by miles), and i should be able to link it as it's done. It might even gimme the chance to re-post some things like edits etc. so yeah, I think I'll do that. Thanks for the comments guys, and I'm glad you like this third-to-half-chapter Silvershadow.

(46073) (link) Oekaki by 1world1name, total drawing time 4 : 5 : 40

1world1name [Profile] 2013/1/26 - 13:51:55
Red just wants to prove that a silly game of Triangle Hero cannot beat a professional. His ambitions, however, turned into addiction.

1world1name [Profile] 2013/1/26 - 13:54:42
Entry for Instrument Contest
frost_star [Profile] 2013/1/26 - 14:40:25
this is really funny
1world1name [Profile] 2013/1/26 - 14:56:17
*mission accomplished*
lemmyloop [Profile] 2013/1/26 - 16:24:13
Oh man, I just lauging when I saw this. It's really creative and funny! Plus, his look of determination is just great. His red eyes, and the sleep circles beneath them. It's great!
pumadragon [Profile] 2013/1/27 - 11:32:40
I would play this game in a heartbeat.....and his
miles [Profile] 2013/1/28 - 3:42:1
haha, i laughed a lot more than i should have when i first saw this.. x3
everything looks amazing, and i absolutely love the sharp lighting. that hand holding the triangle is amazing.
silvershadow [Profile] 2013/1/28 - 12:42:18
This is great! XD Triangle Hero... Heeehee. His face just kills me. And your description comment is priceless. Well done!
1world1name [Profile] 2013/1/28 - 17:34:2
I'm glad you guys are enjoying this. I definitely had fun drawing it. Thanks, guys.
catgirl [Profile] 2013/1/28 - 19:4:34
Triangle hero *snerk* :D great idea
1world1name [Profile] 2013/1/29 - 19:48:57
Heh, thanks. :)
[anon]pheonix 2013/1/30 - 3:24:48
This game should exist X3 I just love the look of concentration on his face.

(46072) (link) Oekaki by infernowolf, total drawing time 1 : 26 : 8

infernowolf [Profile] 2013/1/26 - 0:42:41
Made this to use as a design for some video game related videos I'll be doing on youtube. When i get my new account created, I'll put a link up here sometime. :)

It's supposed to be kind of like the way Link holds items up in Skyward Sword :P The games I'll be reviewing for the video will be floating above my hands.

[anon]apple-sauce 2013/1/26 - 5:0:57
Interesting! I like it,it's cute. :3
1world1name [Profile] 2013/1/26 - 14:0:25
A game review channel? That's interesting. Hopefully you will review a large variety of games. I'm a bit tired of people who only review FPS games or games rated M.
miles [Profile] 2013/1/28 - 3:43:10
cool beans, you'll have to give us a link when your channel is up!
love the pose here. those hands are fantastic, and the use of texture is really effective.
wolven [Profile] 2013/1/28 - 15:56:51

Sorry. I had to do that.
Agreed. post a link. I'd love to check out those reviews.
infernowolf [Profile] 2013/1/29 - 1:44:59

There's my channel, guys lol the only video I have up right now is "My Top Ten Favorite Video Games" but I'll have more stuff up soon. :)

(46071) (link) Oekaki by prysm, total drawing time 1 : 9 : 35

prysm [Profile] 2013/1/25 - 21:17:29

brownwolfcub [Profile] 2013/1/25 - 21:42:19
Interesting concept. Again, I love the fur, and the red really stands out.
Nice drips :D
lemmyloop [Profile] 2013/1/25 - 21:55:12
I just really, really adore your art. There's just so much emotion behind it, and your style is just completely lovely.
[anon]flap-jack 2013/1/26 - 5:3:9
i dunno wat it is,but i really like those little attatchment thingos. :3
1world1name [Profile] 2013/1/26 - 13:58:4
I like the concept of this and the expression just adds to the awesome.
miles [Profile] 2013/1/28 - 3:43:36
beautiful work as always. i hope you're doing okay though.
imagamaker [Profile] 2013/1/29 - 13:46:17
The poor thing! But the blood is so realistic, and I love how it's just hanging there.... :o

(46070) (link) Oekaki by heather, total drawing time 1 : 41 : 4

heather [Profile] 2013/1/25 - 18:53:5
Made this for my boyfriend, he likes lions.

this is the first time i've drawn another big cat aside from Lucky, and well my lion looks a little girly.

I made it for him as a avatar sort of thing since my pet name for him is kitty. :D

C&C is welcome, i know im not supposed to do the muscle lines but its just a natural thing for me.

[anon]moo492_not_logged_in 2013/1/25 - 19:21:46
I really like how you shaded the eyes. :)
1world1name [Profile] 2013/1/26 - 14:4:57
I like the expression you gave him, however the colors are a bit muddy. I suggest less airbrush and a more 'united' color scheme. There are some websites out there that have premade color palettes.
miles [Profile] 2013/1/28 - 3:44:53
agreed with 1world. theres a whole rainbow of colours! don't be afraid to experiment. it can be a lot more fun and effective than you might think.
love the expression here.

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