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Announcement: On September 10th 2014, we lost a dear member of our oekaki family. Linda Bower better known as Shamelessaardvark or Tigerchimera is no longer with us. Please take a moment to remember her. If you'd like to do something in her memory please follow the link to an art memorial Zoing has set up to send to her family. She will forever be a part of our family.

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(46132) (link) Oekaki by digidragon, total drawing time 2 : 26 : 5

digidragon [Profile] 2013/2/9 - 15:42:4
Okay I lied, this one was suppose to be the last one but I actually have to do another one. These dragons are concepts for my final series in my drawing class. We have to draw 4 drawings that have to be related in some way. I'm going to have each of the my 4 drawings exhibit a elemental dragon.
So the first dragon I drew is going to be water, the snake one is fire, this one is earth, and the last one will be air. This one is based off a horse, it looked better on paper though. I'm trying to make the elemental dragons more unique than what most people think of when they draw the elements. And I needed these to be in profile view, so I can use them as reference later. So we'll see how it goes, I want to post the final pieces on deviantart if I like them.

moo492 [Profile] 2013/2/9 - 16:41:54
These dragons are really creative! I never would have even thought of dragons like these! I really like the horse-based concept for this one, and that mane looks really cool. I love the colours and textures you used for the grass, and those clouds are to die for!
imagamaker [Profile] 2013/2/9 - 17:45:18
You have made the most amazing dragons!! I am at a loss of breath! Pure epicness!! I am digging the mane, scales, and snout. Also, the backround is to die for!
lovelylonely [Profile] 2013/2/9 - 17:56:53
That background astonishing, wowweewow *-*
and I especially love the coloring on - please excuse me if I get this wrong - the crystal-looking horns. c:
digidragon [Profile] 2013/2/10 - 18:47:14
Yeah his horn are crystal-based. Thanks for the comments :) I am happy with how to background came out., so I'm glad it looks nice.
miles [Profile] 2013/2/11 - 21:40:57
your dragons are the best things ever. i absolutely love your bright colours. you are incredible.

(46130) (link) Oekaki by ikasajidoshan88, total drawing time 4 : 3 : 14

ikasajidoshan88 [Profile] 2013/2/9 - 1:39:6
Jay from Marble Hornets.

[anon]skullzhead 2013/2/10 - 13:47:19
Oh love! I knew I recognized him. ;~; I can't wait for the next entry...
You're greyscale style is absolutely gorgeous! Good job capturing his very dramatic jaw bone. (XD)
infernowolf [Profile] 2013/2/11 - 2:54:56
Simple looking, but also very dynamic. You work very well with this style :)
miles [Profile] 2013/2/11 - 21:41:24
this is fantastic.

(46128) (link) Oekaki by imagamaker, total drawing time 0 : 3 : 47

imagamaker [Profile] 2013/2/8 - 16:30:23
The oekaki was acting up on me, so I sorta got impatient and rushed the rest. Hope you like anyway!

imagamaker [Profile] 2013/2/8 - 16:31:1
Whoa, that did not take me three minutes! Do not listen to the timer.
infernowolf [Profile] 2013/2/11 - 2:55:51
I like that little flame on the pipe :3 your snow looks nice too.
miles [Profile] 2013/2/11 - 21:41:47
agreed with the other two~

(46127) (link) Oekaki by shadowfire, total drawing time 1 : 16 : 44

shadowfire [Profile] 2013/2/8 - 16:2:29

shadowfire [Profile] 2013/2/8 - 16:3:14
Argh dammit I did not mean to post this yet.
Well, this was going to be a present for a friend but I guess I'll have to redraw it...
blue_and_orange_dragon [Profile] 2013/2/8 - 16:31:5
this character looks oddly familiar.....this wouldn't be blue would it? o.0
imagamaker [Profile] 2013/2/8 - 16:36:32
Though this isn't finnished, it's still really good. The skin has alot of depth to it, and the eye is brilliant!
tayuyaxn [Profile] 2013/2/8 - 16:57:6
well, if it's any consolation - your shading was looking really awesome, and I'm your picture will be just as good or better when you redo it. But I think the curve of the hand+index could look more natural; The top of the hand should be a bit more full, and the index joint curve a bit less pronounced, I think. Also, the thumb line goes a bit too far back - but maybe all this is just me. ^^'
shadowfire [Profile] 2013/2/8 - 17:51:35
Thanks, y'all. I'm just hoping I'll be able to redo it soon.
Tayu-you're totally right, and thank you for the crits. :)
[anon]serinanight_is_to_lazy_to_log_in 2013/2/8 - 20:50:11
I'm pretty sure you can upload pictures into the Oekaki to draw over, if that helps at all. At least you won't have to sketch it again.
miles [Profile] 2013/2/11 - 21:42:33
aw dang, this was looking amazing! i really love the colours in the face.

(46126) (link) Oekaki by lauuw_dragons, total drawing time 1 : 34 : 25

lauuw_dragons [Profile] 2013/2/8 - 14:48:16

saffron_shadow [Profile] 2013/2/8 - 14:53:46
You always make such unusual, yet stunning creature concepts. Great texture and mark-making techniques on the skin!
[anon]dragongirl508 2013/2/8 - 15:12:45
i can see this in a game :3
imagamaker [Profile] 2013/2/8 - 15:32:9
You, my friend, are a brilliant artist.
I am your servant for the rest of eternity.
*smiles humbly*
infernowolf [Profile] 2013/2/10 - 23:6:11
Beautiful! I love everything about this.
miles [Profile] 2013/2/11 - 21:42:56
brilliant work. i love your creatures so much.

(46122) (link) Oekaki by [anon]shimmershine, total drawing time 0 : 55 : 57

[anon]shimmershine 2013/2/7 - 13:39:19
Gloomy, colorful dragon

imagamaker [Profile] 2013/2/8 - 4:11:13
Oh, poor dragon! *sniff*
On a happier note, I love your line work! The color is a neon sign against the dark, and the mane and hair are awesome eyecatchers! Also, the eye stands out real well too, being a different color shade then the blue. Nice job!
saffron_shadow [Profile] 2013/2/8 - 14:57:23
Aw, it's so sad and cute at the same time. Every time to visit NDA this beautiful picture always captures my eye!
miles [Profile] 2013/2/11 - 21:43:30
i absolutely love these colours... great job~ though i think the lineart could be darkened a little. it's hard to see when it's so light~

(46120) (link) Oekaki by digidragon, total drawing time 2 : 16 : 52

digidragon [Profile] 2013/2/6 - 22:37:41
Another dragon again, yeah I needed to draw two more. This one is based off of the California red sided garter snake. I had so much fun with this one, because I love coloring reflected light, which there was a lot in this one.

lizziecat1279 [Profile] 2013/2/6 - 23:35:3
aaaaaah this is such a pretty snake! I really love the head and colors used here~
[anon]moo492 2013/2/7 - 6:2:58
Ooh I really like this one! Your dragons are so creative!
dreyacira [Profile] 2013/2/7 - 6:16:33
Wow, so pretty. I absolutely love the shape of the head. It looks so streamlined. and the colors are beautiful. Lovely shading.
nighstar54 [Profile] 2013/2/8 - 12:10:43
OOOOOHHH!!!! I LOVE this one! It's so realistic. Sweet.
saffron_shadow [Profile] 2013/2/8 - 15:3:33
Wow, you've really improved! And your art was fab enough before!
digidragon [Profile] 2013/2/10 - 18:45:40
Thank you all! I'm quite happy with this one.
miles [Profile] 2013/2/11 - 21:43:54
incredible work. i really can't stop staring at this.

(46118) (link) Oekaki by imagamaker, total drawing time 1 : 1 : 0

imagamaker [Profile] 2013/2/6 - 15:22:29
She thought having a lich dragon-friend was a good idea at the time.

For the valentine contest!

geckodragon [Profile] 2013/2/6 - 16:44:21
Ha! this is great! What a cool idea! thank you so much for the entry! =D
tayuyaxn [Profile] 2013/2/6 - 19:4:40
I'll agree with gecko - it's a cool idea. But I feel like this was really rushed, and would've been a much better entry if you'd polished the entire thing a little.
saffron_shadow [Profile] 2013/2/8 - 15:2:20
Personally, I think 'rushed look' suits it. I love the concept of this, it made me laugh and I think the pink love-heart dragon's expression is great!

(46116) (link) Oekaki by wolven, total drawing time 3 : 18 : 5

wolven [Profile] 2013/2/6 - 12:38:10
Chapter 9
The Artefact.

As the duo ventured farther into the ruins, Cane became slowly aware of something. Aside from himself, Yeersha and the Ra’zac, not forgetting the corpse-elves as he called them, there was something darker… more sinister drawing them in.
Oriel had informed him that the Ra’zac were working for someone, presumably a shade… whatever they were, and that they were looking for something even he- a dragon rider knew not what.
“Why are the Ra’zac even here?” Cane asked himself as he continued to run, being cautiously aware of the magma behind them, though when he turned around for a breather, there was no sign of it or their pursuers. In fact, the temperature had dropped drastically, and compared to the furnace they were in but minutes ago, this felt positively cold in comparison, but liveable.
“Oooh, Cane… look over there!” Yeersha said, having opted to walk on her own feet for a while. She pointed at markings on the walls, which they could now plainly see given the staggering darkness.
The markings were similar to the mural, but they seemed crude in some way, as though they had been carved into the stone by some unrefined hands. They were badly engraved, but impressive nonetheless. One of the depictions appeared to be a dragon, as elegant as Glaedr, minus the skills and crafts of the more contemporary artists. Another depicted a two-legged creature with rounded ears, others with slightly pointed ears, but still rounded and had angular faces with striking appearances. One showed a round eared creature next to a huge creature not dissimilar but with ram-horns on its head and appeared to be wielding a club or some other tool. Another showed creatures with pointed ears but seemed considerably smaller than the others.
“Dragons, Men, Elves, Urgals, Dwarves…” Yeersha said, studying them. Cane cared not for what they were, but was anxious to move on. “These are all the races of Alagäesia.” She exclaimed, looking at the pictures.
The duo moved on to the next set of pictures, which seemed more familiar to Cane but were similarly depicted. One depicted a snow elf, with curved back ears and a bluish paste had been used to colour the skin. Another depicted an Imp, small, and perched like a vulture. Another depicted a set of two different black creatures, one set looked like birds, the others had the makings of elves, but their eyes were black.
“Dark elves?” Cane gasped, as he looked at the engravings closer. He realised then, that these must have been the earliest historical evidence of their existence, and he paid heed to the pictures as they moved along, finally stopping at a massive slab of black. It was also engraved, but it was impossible to decipher. Two rubies dotted two points of the slab. A shriek shattered his confidence, for it came from neither Cane nor Yeersha.
“They survived?” Yeersha gasped, panic spreading through her like wildfire.
“Oriel did say they were persistent feathery...” he stopped himself from cursing, remembering Yeersha was still a child. “Ugh… we need to get through here. This can’t be a dead end!”
He hammered with his fist against the slab, but nothing happened, though a great many splinters entered his hand. He cursed and pried a few of them off.
“Uh... Cane, what are those?”
Yeersha pointed to the two rubies which adorned the slab, and from one angle, it appeared as though they were loose. Cane reached up and touched one, but it sank away from him into the slab. The other did the same as he touched it.
The Ra’zac’s cries were drawing nearer, so Cane pushed the rubies in further, until he heard a distinct click. Somehow, it was as though a breath of fresh air washed over him, making him shiver at it, and he heard a voice in the wind. It spoke a language he did not know, and the slab cracked into two down the middle. The two slabs then began to slide into their respective sides of the tunnel, and another room was revealed.
Cane and Yeersha entered the room, hand in hand and gazed with wonder at their surroundings. There was a warm light throughout the room, and it was roughly circular in shape. The walls had distinctive markings on them, which seemed to shimmer and here and there was a brief sparkle of some light of a random colour. Soon enough, Cane realised that the walls were some form of glass, and behind them was the molten rock which not long ago ha threatened them. There was a raised platform in the room, which had a kind of bridge leading to a giant sculpture, again of the same demonic creature he saw in the mural. It was glaring, with eyes of ruby, at a pedestal which stood adjacent to it, in the centre of the platform.
“What is this place?” Cane wondered aloud, and felt the warmth of the lava behind its barrier.
“Cane, look at that.” Yeersha bounded up onto the platform and raced towards the pedestal, for there was something large and black, mounted on top of it. Cane climbed up for a better look.
On top of the pedestal was a large egg-shaped rock, which was even darker than he thought the night sky could ever be. It seemed to radiate an unknown aura to him, but it seemed somehow friendly. Though smooth, the rock was incredibly gnarled looking, as parts of it seemed to bulge out, and there were two grey blotches on the rock, as well as a ridge down one end of it, which seemed oddly like a spine.
Cane gazed in wonder at the rock, as did Yeersha, and more than anything, he felt drawn to it, as though he was supposed to have it, for a reason he could not identify. It seemed magical anyhow, for he knew not of anything that could produce a rock so smooth, except for a meteor perhaps. Gently, Cane reached out and felt the rock. Something about it made him feel queasy, despite it’s unrivalled smoothness. In fact it seemed fragile, like the cocoon of a butterfly, or some other insect. He ran his fingers down the spine, and the rock seemed to shiver, as the warmth in the room seemed to drop for a moment.
“There it issss…!”
Cane’s head whipped up, to see their pursuers standing in the entrance of the room. The Ra’zac had been burned, boiled and scratched, but they still retained that demonic air about them.
“That’sss quite closssse enough I think.” The smaller Ra’zac hissed, spitting its venom over the ground, and the room’s temperature dropped suddenly.
Cane drew his dagger on instinct, before looking at the rock again, with an odd sadness upon him.
“We’ll be taking that. For leading ussss to thisss artifact… you have our thankssss.” The taller said, sheathing its weapon.
“I should not be so quick to sheath if I were you. I have some questions for you two first.” Cane said, feeling a presence begin to hack at his mind.
The Ra’zac hissed at this, and they glared at him with their black, pupil-less eyes. They waited, so Cane took it as an incentive to speak.
“What exactly is it you are doing here?”
“We… have been sssearching for thisss.”
“Then what is this?” Cane asked, indicating with his dagger towards the rock.
“It… it iss an historical artifact.”
“I’ll let that slide for now. Who are you working for?” Cane asked, boldly.
The Ra’zac grew silent, and then one began to click saying.
“It isss not for usss to sssay. He forbidssss usss to ssspeak hisss name.”
“What is he?” Yeersha asked. The Ra’zac sputtered in rage. Cane pointed his dagger at them.
“He isss… the darknesss behind the light, he who blotsss out the sssun. He who was ssslain… and now isss risen.”
“I prefer not to speak in riddles.” Cane said, his eyes narrowing. The Ra’zac drew their weaponry.
“Enough. Give usss the artifact now and we may let you live!”
Cane spoke, but the words that came were not his own, and his body felt like a puppet on strings. His vision changed to an odd shade of purple, and he could see different colours of smoke rising from where all the parties were. Yeersha’s gave off green, the rock a strange mix which was unidentifiable, whilst the Ra’zac’s were dark red.
“I have had enough of this. You betray, you murder, you eat the flesh of children, and you desecrate this temple with your presence…” Cane raised his arm, as a sign of banishment, and fury. “…Now BEGONE you foul demons, and never return to the world above!”
The Ra’zac cawed in a battle cry and lunged.
Cane barked a word, which vanished from his memory instantly and he felt himself being drained of something within him.
The glass cracked, and the lava poured in at the correct moment, enveloping the Ra’zac behind a wall of flame. The Demon statue crumbled into dust, and a tunnel was revealed. Like the strings of a puppet being cut, Cane fell limp. His vision returned to him and he picked himself up and grabbed Yeersha and the rock and began running through the tunnel as fast as his legs would carry them all.


wolven [Profile] 2013/2/6 - 12:40:8
I know i got me an account on Writerscafe and all, but i still kinda feel like posting here as i have not gotten many of the chapters posted there yet. Plus i wanted to draw this.
C&C would be greatly appreciated.
frost_star [Profile] 2013/2/6 - 14:34:47
wow wolven this is so cool. So many things to look at in one image! it's hard to focus on.
dreyacira [Profile] 2013/2/6 - 20:41:50
I like how you've managed to draw so many characters in one scene, it's something I've always had trouble with and you managed it so nicely. I don't mean to be rude, but it would be really nice if you could do what Tayu suggested and put the writing on your other website and link it back here. It's just a pain to scroll down through it every time, since this is an oekaki website and I'm mostly interested in the pictures.
wolven [Profile] 2013/2/7 - 5:39:38
Its just taking longer than i first anticipated adding all the chapters to the site. So I apologise for all the pain i have caused by posting these half-chapters over the last few months, and i honestly did not intend to cause any harm for doing so. My next Picture will just have a link to the chapter.

(46113) (link) Oekaki by imagamaker, total drawing time 0 : 46 : 48

imagamaker [Profile] 2013/2/6 - 4:40:35
Okay, so, I'm putting this in for the instrument contest, but I'm not positive that it'll qualify.
I was playing with textures here, as you can probably tell. This was inspired by the blue man group. If you have not seen the blue man group before, then you might as well be blind because you havn't seen anything yet! They have these wacky instruments, including the paint drum, and that is what is above.

tayuyaxn [Profile] 2013/2/6 - 20:1:39
... I'm really sorry to say this, but I couldn't tell this was a drum instrument until I read your comment on your picture. Just thought I'd be honest.
lemmyloop [Profile] 2013/2/6 - 20:37:30
I love all the bright colors you used! I'll take this as your entry if you want, even though your not sure if it counts. I can see that they're drums, but like Tayu said I don't know that I would have thought that when I first saw it. You can always make another entry later if you change your mind!
imagamaker [Profile] 2013/2/7 - 12:16:12
Thank you both (for being honest)! Yes, they are "drums", but they're technically buckets of paint beaten with sticks. They might not be a great instrument, but the blue men group also use sewer pipes for instruments, so maybe I'll make another entry. =)

(46112) (link) Oekaki by tayuyaxn, total drawing time 2 : 41 : 34

tayuyaxn [Profile] 2013/2/5 - 23:44:21
I should get off the kitchen floor...But is there really any point at all ?

That took so much it's ridiculous - but I got distracted a few times, so really, more like an hour, an hour and a half tops. It was supposed to be just a doodle so it's probably wonky. A mí qué me importa.

miles [Profile] 2013/2/5 - 23:57:55
i really really love this one.. the hand that's splayed across your face is so well done and really gives yourself a barrier. the lines are also real clean, and that smoke is so bloomin cool.
inu112 [Profile] 2013/2/6 - 12:26:34
Lovely hair. :D The anatomy of the hand and the folds on the clothes are very well done. Your art is so great.

(46109) (link) Oekaki by werewolfgirl1343, total drawing time 1 : 36 : 17

werewolfgirl1343 [Profile] 2013/2/5 - 1:32:51
didnt take me as long. had dinner and did my own thing aha :)

miles [Profile] 2013/2/5 - 23:44:51
this critter is really cute :3 i like your bold lines and how you drew the arms.
imagamaker [Profile] 2013/2/6 - 3:40:14
Awwwwwwww, that's adorable!!!!! I love the gloopiness of it!
werewolfgirl1343 [Profile] 2013/2/6 - 22:31:18
thanks guys! i think he's a cutie too... i should do another one maybe on the weekend... :)

(46107) (link) Oekaki by lizziecat1279, total drawing time 1 : 15 : 23

lizziecat1279 [Profile] 2013/2/4 - 17:18:36
This is seriously the most fulfilling day of my life, all thanks to a stupid little offer to adopt thing I run over on my dA. So dragon-factor/lennythynn offered me jewelry for one of my many random designs, and it arrived today. They are all perfect. Custom made to my specifications, and totally worth the wait. Now, it may seem like nothing, but then I realize that these beautiful pieces of jewelry that I can WEAR IN PUBLIC and will do so many a time were mailed to me for a design! A design that I made! It is mindblowing that people think my designs are worth their time and effort (since these were finished even with life stuff that lenny had, which means a lot because I'm just a random internet person that you're taking time and effort to do this for. It gives me such hope and drive for my future, since I haven't really had a clear cut faith in my ability to make it with my dream job, concept design art. This gives me faith in myself that I can indeed do it, and maybe even make it a life career instead of a passing hobby.
Guys, you are wonderful. I know I don't draw here often but I figured it should be here for a myriad of reasons. Most importantly, this is where I got my start in the online art community. You guys are all so beautiful and so talented (even the ones who may not be masterpiece status yet, you all have so much potential) so I wanted to let you guys know, especially the ones that don't feel good about yourself or your art, that you CAN do it! I'm just a highschooler! And yet I have random people from the internet sending me stuff for little designs that I draw up on my notes or when I'm bored. HOW CRAZY IS THAT??

I'm just rambling at this point, so a lot of you probably will not read this even, but I just wanted to tell you all that you can achieve your dreams. Shoot for the moon, even if you miss you'll end up among the stars.

lizziecat1279 [Profile] 2013/2/4 - 17:22:47
Also used this as a reference for the pose ^^; [link]
frost_star [Profile] 2013/2/4 - 17:48:22
that was inspiring, thanks lizzycat!
lizziecat1279 [Profile] 2013/2/5 - 17:30:51
Heh glad I succeeded ^^ Not a problem, I was just getting all kinds of emotional last night <33
miles [Profile] 2013/2/5 - 23:48:18
wow lizzie that is really bloomin' awesome! i'm really happy for you. but uh-- aren't dragon-factor and lennythynn two different people?
also i really love how you drew lizzie here. she is so cute and i love how you drew the paws and the overall anatomy is astounding. it's always great seeing your stuff on the boards.
lizziecat1279 [Profile] 2013/2/7 - 20:0:5
WOOPS I knew that dragon-factor had changed her name but I durped. Meant to say dragon-factor/angelique, as she used to be known ^^;

Thanks though! The reference certainly helped with the whole anatomy thing, but thanks for the compliment still OuO I've been doing a lot of studying on anatomy and such lately.
catgirl [Profile] 2013/2/10 - 2:25:34
you look so happy. :)

(46106) (link) Oekaki by inu112, total drawing time 3 : 3 : 15

inu112 [Profile] 2013/2/4 - 0:14:29
My dorm... the things I draw when I get bored. Then I got too bored to finish. Ah well. Spent a while trying to get those books to look accurate and they still look like blobs. So do Ezio and the dragonborn. Oh wellllll

miles [Profile] 2013/2/4 - 0:57:17
mini TARDIS!!
from this picture you have a really neat dorm. i'm jealous.
really cool perspective btw, it looks so great and i like the painterly style you've got going on :3
inu112 [Profile] 2013/2/4 - 1:54:17
They're TARDIS string lights. :D They're super cool.

frost_star [Profile] 2013/2/4 - 14:14:33
is that a panda pillow pet? and I love the TARDIS and dragonborn
miles [Profile] 2013/2/4 - 20:39:56
that's amazing!
inu112 [Profile] 2013/2/4 - 21:21:53
Yeah, it's a panda pillow pet. c: I have that small one and a large one. I love them <3 haha

(46105) (link) Oekaki by digidragon, total drawing time 2 : 55 : 3

digidragon [Profile] 2013/2/3 - 19:12:37
Dragon I did on livestream,colors based of a joculator angelfish, as well as other fish.

inu112 [Profile] 2013/2/3 - 20:58:2
This is one of the best works I've seen from you. The colors are incredible and your lines are so smooth. I just love everything about this.
missscythe [Profile] 2013/2/3 - 21:12:22
My gosh this is incredibly gorgeous.
An amazing use of colours that work so well together. I love those teeth and muzzle shape.
amyd [Profile] 2013/2/3 - 22:33:44
WOAH!!! '0'
This is absolutley amazing. Those colours and patterns are brilliant. I love your artworks. You draw them so well. =D
[anon]moo492_not_logged_in 2013/2/4 - 6:3:27
Woah, I love the lines, and the detail you put into the scales is amazing! It's a really unique looking dragon, I like it. :)
infernowolf [Profile] 2013/2/4 - 9:46:3
Woah, love the blue in this. :)
[anon]frost_forgot_to_log_in 2013/2/4 - 15:18:40
the yellow against the blue and purple in so.....*at loss for words*......and the eye, I like how the pupil is a different shape than normal.
geckodragon [Profile] 2013/2/4 - 16:59:34
HOLY CRAP!!!! This is just.....Woah!!!! I do not even have words for how EPIC this is!!!! @_@
imagamaker [Profile] 2013/2/4 - 17:6:21
Neat dragon! Those colors are skillfully used!
dreyacira [Profile] 2013/2/4 - 19:33:39
I really like he textures you used in this. All the different scales are really awesome looking, and the fins just look so real. I like the eye, too, the pupil is such an interesting shape. Beautiful work on this, the colors are gorgeous.
miles [Profile] 2013/2/4 - 20:40:54
asdfkjh why is your art always so beautiful *-*
seriously love the details and colours. your blending and colouring is never not spectacular. i love the depth you've added to the frills in the neck in particular :3
digidragon [Profile] 2013/2/4 - 22:33:40
Awww you guys are so wonderful! I can't begin to express my thanks :'D Every one of your comment means a lot to me. I too am very fond of this design, I'm thinking of making it into a character. I'm trying to draw more unique dragons, compared to the kind I usually draw.

It's funny, I remember always saying to others why their art was always so beautiful. And now people are saying it to me, that really speaks to me. It reminds me how hard I've work to get here. Thank you all so very much :)
wolven [Profile] 2013/2/6 - 16:9:9
I reiterate. We need a 'legends board' for all the truly best pieces people have submitted!

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