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(45930) (link) Oekaki by frost_star, total drawing time 1 : 23 : 19

frost_star [Profile] 2012/12/25 - 6:28:21
LOVE THIS TABLET!!!! my drawings are so much better with it. i can't believe it, their almost better than the ones on paper.

i made this drawing for a Yugioh card i'm making.

frost_star [Profile] 2012/12/25 - 6:34:3
oh yeah skyborn's mine
miles [Profile] 2012/12/26 - 0:25:5
great to see you enjoying your tablet~ i love the colours here.
dreyacira [Profile] 2012/12/26 - 14:34:4
I like the background and the overall feeling of this picture. It's really cute.
frost_star [Profile] 2012/12/27 - 11:53:35
Dreyacira, if Skyborn finds out you called him cute, he'll blast you with one of his extremely high voltage attacks, no offense or anything, just a warning from Skyborn.
frost_star [Profile] 2012/12/27 - 11:53:40
Dreyacira, if Skyborn finds out you called him cute, he'll blast you with one of his extremely high voltage attacks, no offense or anything, just a warning from Skyborn.
frost_star [Profile] 2012/12/27 - 11:56:25

oh well, double warning i guess. :P

(45929) (link) Oekaki by pumadragon, total drawing time 1 : 49 : 4

pumadragon [Profile] 2012/12/24 - 23:9:19
This is Silvershadow's secret santa gift, a drawing of their character Tugr. And to be honest I couldn't resist putting him in that pose, it just looked so playful to me, rolling in the grass. It was a lot of fun to draw this beautiful OC, I hope you like it Silver! Merry Christmas to you! :D

frost_star [Profile] 2012/12/25 - 7:13:57
aww so cute! love the pose!

silvershadow [Profile] 2012/12/25 - 7:37:16
Eeeeeep! I love him! You drew him so adorably! That's like, perfect for my little teenage Tugr. He thinks he's all cool, but he's such a puppy. :D Oh, I can't get over how adorable this is. The perspective/anatomy are spot-on. Thank you SO much! Merry Christmas! :D
lemmyloop [Profile] 2012/12/25 - 12:58:6
Oh gosh, I really love the pose! He looks so incredibly playful and cute!
miles [Profile] 2012/12/26 - 0:25:37
agreed with everyone else, this pose is so great :D i also really love how you drew the back legs.
dreyacira [Profile] 2012/12/26 - 14:35:27
I know you've heard it already, but I love the pose as well. I think the shading is very nice, especially on the fluffy tail. And I like the detail of having the grass flattened down where the character is rolling.
pumadragon [Profile] 2012/12/26 - 20:3:20
:3 oh gosh am I glad to hear y'all like it! And I'm glad you noticed the bit about the grass being flattened Dreyacira..

(45928) (link) Oekaki by kestrelflight, total drawing time 10 : 41 : 17

kestrelflight [Profile] 2012/12/24 - 21:16:9
A quick something for the holidays. Didn't turn out how I wanted it, but its the holidays so I'll let him live. Happy Holidays everyone.

miles [Profile] 2012/12/26 - 0:26:5
love the colours here and the shading on the red.
happy holidays to you too :D
saffron_shadow [Profile] 2012/12/26 - 13:58:22
And a Merry Christmas to you too :) This drawing is adorable! I absolutely live him and his sweet little face ^^
dreyacira [Profile] 2012/12/26 - 14:36:12
Gosh i really love the colors on the character, and all the shading~! He is very cute.

(45927) (link) Oekaki by wolven, total drawing time 0 : 58 : 27

wolven [Profile] 2012/12/24 - 14:10:33
Merry Christmas to Kanadra... have i spelt that right?

Uh... right, so i wasn't quite sure what you would really have liked, so i decided to draw Allegria for ya. Hope you like it. Er... this is my first ever shot at an 'anthro.' So please... if foxtrot sees this, i must kindly ask him to make no snide remarks about infecting me with a furry. He can laugh... but no remarks.

Okay. Once more. Merry christmas Kanadra.

pumadragon [Profile] 2012/12/24 - 23:13:35
I like the two blades of grass up front, and it looks like she's focusing on them too, (I'm not sure if that was intentional or not ^ ^)
starwarsdragon [Profile] 2012/12/25 - 11:27:22
So cool! I love the pose on this and just the overall way you drew her. And I agree with puma on the two blades of grass. It really adds some more depth to the picture and gives the character something to be looking at. Good job!
miles [Profile] 2012/12/26 - 0:26:40
wow, she looks really great here! i love the way you drew her eye, and the back leg. very very nice.
dreyacira [Profile] 2012/12/26 - 14:36:53
I really like the shape of her hair and her expression. That eye is so pretty.
wolven [Profile] 2012/12/27 - 2:31:57
Aw... thanks guys. The head actually really annoyed me. Human hair and a blue body and tail are fine, but shoving in a snout... it just felt a bit weird really...
Anyway. hope Kanadra likes this.
kanadra [Profile] 2013/1/5 - 18:10:34
It's great, thank you! I like the pose and the shading a lot. I think you did a fine job with the anatomy, even if it is your first anthro. :) I like how she's gazing at that blade of grass... Looks like she's lost in a dream. Very well done. Thank you very much, and happy belated christmas to you! :)

(45925) (link) Oekaki by silvershadow, total drawing time 1 : 21 : 42

silvershadow [Profile] 2012/12/24 - 8:59:4
Prysm, I am your Secret Santa! :D

I decided to draw Smaug for you. (And post it a day early, as I will be very busy tomorrow...) I like him, and I really like his story, too. I hope I did him justice for you. I tried to portray him as being lonely and thinking about many things while he watches the stars. I'm not sure what the weird glow behind him is. I liked its effect as I was coloring in the sky, so I left it there... let's say it's some glowing, misty clouds behind him. :)

Merry Christmas, Prysm! :D

dreyacira [Profile] 2012/12/24 - 9:16:1
This is really pretty, I love the fur! The eye is gorgeous too, so shiny.
[anon]annamare 2012/12/24 - 10:57:44
If it's cold then the glow could be difference in temperature. His body is warm, the air is cold.
prysm [Profile] 2012/12/25 - 17:31:20
Thank you so much for the gift. ^-^ You've portrayed him well! I'm glad that you like his story, and am very happy and just glowing that you took it upon yourself to draw him in character! <3 Merry Christmas Silvershadow!
miles [Profile] 2012/12/26 - 0:28:16
beautiful work :D i love the eye, too; it looks so realistic.
wolven [Profile] 2012/12/28 - 7:40:13
Woah!!! This is awesome. the hairs on this are just... so cool! And its like the dog is actually glowing... I gotta try that out sometime!
silvershadow [Profile] 2012/12/28 - 10:45:6
Wow, thanks everyone! :D I'm so happy you like it, Prysm. :) He sure was fun to draw! Annamare, that sounds plausible! I'll go with that. ;) I really should draw more often... I've gotten into jewelry-making here lately (as well as playing various new games), so drawing has taken a back seat. :(

(45924) (link) Oekaki by als, total drawing time 13 : 39 : 37

als [Profile] 2012/12/24 - 5:51:18
I was the Secret Santa for Kumoi-uo :) So I drew her Kimche. You're getting it early because I finished it early haha. Sorry that I ain't so good at drawing animals but I couldn't find a usable color ref for one of your humans. ;n;

dreyacira [Profile] 2012/12/24 - 7:56:17
I think this looks very pretty! The face is such a nice shape, and I really like the way you did the furry mane.
[anon]black-bat 2012/12/24 - 8:55:56

No, this is great! It's my fault for not having any of my human ocs properly coloured and stuff! ;w; this is awesome, I love it a lot! Tha~nk you! <33

[anon]als 2012/12/24 - 11:2:22
wah! well thank you both <3 And I'm very glad you like it x)
miles [Profile] 2012/12/26 - 0:29:11
this looks great! i really love the colouring and the yellow lighting on the snout. the background looks really great too, and the blue line art really matches the rest of the colours and gives it mood.

(45923) (link) Oekaki by ikasajidoshan88, total drawing time 3 : 10 : 54

ikasajidoshan88 [Profile] 2012/12/24 - 2:9:57
my friend wanted me to draw his DK with his warglaives, so I tried.
I really really hate the Ruthless Gladiator gear for DK and I curse my friend for insisting on transmoging his gear to it every chance he gets.

pumadragon [Profile] 2012/12/24 - 14:53:8
I don't know about you guys, but I DEFINITELY want that weapon.
miles [Profile] 2012/12/26 - 0:29:34
fantastic work *-* i always love seeing your things.
dreyacira [Profile] 2012/12/26 - 14:38:1
That armor is so cool...I always love all the detail you put into your drawings.
catgirl [Profile] 2012/12/27 - 15:18:40
Great work. I love how you drew his face.

(45922) (link) Oekaki by lady_miragon, total drawing time 4 : 1 : 11

lady_miragon [Profile] 2012/12/23 - 21:37:44
Merry Christmas everyone and especially thedreamrunner!
I was your Secret Santa and I decided to draw you a new creature for your market in the Whisperers Group you created.

The species is called a Chigarunzinga (chi-gar-oo-n-zinga), which means hound of the sea in Egyptian...or African, I can't remember. It is a cross between an African wild dog and a fish. The tail actually expands so it can be quite round if she needs to go super fast in the water. There are also a set of flippers on the side of the dog, which are meant to help the Chigaru maneuver in the water easily and quickly. They are really hard to catch because they can move so fast. The Chigarunzinga can live both on land and water; however, if you own this pet, you MUST have a pool or lake for this puppy to swim in. Keeping it on dry land for too long (about a month) will kill them or make them extremely sick because, well, they are part fish. I hope you like her! Her name is Zulu...if it's okay. I really fell in love with the species and I hope you enjoy her!

P.S: I am giving her now because...well..I couldn't wait any longer to give her to you and I will be really busy the next few days with family and such. Happy Holidays!

miles [Profile] 2012/12/26 - 0:30:5
this is so cool, i love how you incorporated fish and mammal together :D
saffron_shadow [Profile] 2012/12/26 - 13:54:31
What an unusual combination, I love it! You drew the patterns so well and have a lot of patience I give you that xD
flapjack [Profile] 2012/12/30 - 17:57:32
Thank so much! Srry i didn't get to this sooner,I didn't have internet all week..
But this is great I love it and the species will go well with Elconar! :D

(45921) (link) Oekaki by kenderkat, total drawing time 0 : 59 : 9

kenderkat [Profile] 2012/12/23 - 21:15:7
secret santa gift for pumadragon. c: hope you like it
i actually kinda like how this turned out?? it might just be my fondness for desert landscapes but w/e

figured i'd better post this tonight since i won't be on tomorrow or christmas
also i bought a pack of prismacolor markers that i've been wanting for ages as a xmas gift for myself
and these things are
and they better be for 67 bucks
totally worth it

pumadragon [Profile] 2012/12/24 - 14:49:25
Thank you! I really like this, the neutral colors look great with the subtle splash of color in the sky, and I like how he's observing the empty landscape (And the rocky/sandy bg is exactly the type of land I'd imagine one to be in, well done). Seems like something a pumadragon would do to pass the time......

I like this a lot. :)
pumadragon [Profile] 2012/12/24 - 14:50:41
oh yes and your 67 bucks were worth it, weren't they? I don't know what we would do without prismacolors....I really don't.
kenderkat [Profile] 2012/12/24 - 15:10:31
i'm glad you like it! i was thinking of putting a caravan or something in the bg but meh

and yes it was so worth it omg
my new favorite things
lemmyloop [Profile] 2012/12/25 - 12:59:56
Oh man, this is lovely. The colors are just so incredibly eye-pleasing and relaxing. It's great, and it looks like a scene from a movie.

And as for Prismas ;) they're my best friends. I built up a collection of markers one by one, so I'm sure I've spent a similar amount of money on them, but omg, they are just the best.
miles [Profile] 2012/12/26 - 0:30:29
wow this is so beautiful
the colours and overall composition is fantastic :D

(45920) (link) Oekaki by docile_dragon, total drawing time 7 : 46 : 41

docile_dragon [Profile] 2012/12/23 - 18:52:42
Hey Zoing! Here’s a Secret Santa picture for you. I don’t think I got Shaamah’s scars quite right but I hope you like it. Marry Christmas!

dreyacira [Profile] 2012/12/23 - 20:34:5
This looks great Docile! I love all the fur that you drew and I think the scars look really good. I can tell you used a lot of colors in the shading, and it really stands out and makes the picture pop.
miles [Profile] 2012/12/26 - 0:31:30
agreed with dreya :3 i think my favourite part of this is the background. it looks so great.
docile_dragon [Profile] 2012/12/26 - 9:26:55
Thanks you two, the backgound was my favorite part to draw.
saffron_shadow [Profile] 2012/12/26 - 13:17:39
I love the texture of the snow, the background really adds depth to the picture! And I love his expression. It's great to see your drawings again :)
docile_dragon [Profile] 2012/12/27 - 8:19:11
Thanks :) its good to see you around again too.
zoingishly [Profile] 2012/12/29 - 1:5:17
Saved it as soon as I saw it! :D

Sorry it took me so long to reply~! XD Just too much goin' on IRL.

The shading is great and I love the grumpy look on his face~! Just a face that he would make! <3 This is brilliant Docile~!

(45919) (link) Oekaki by starwarsdragon, total drawing time 3 : 48 : 42

starwarsdragon [Profile] 2012/12/23 - 13:59:15
First things first: ignore the timer. This took at least 45 minutes.
Merry Christmas, wolven! I know it's a little early but here's your Secret Santa gift. Here's Rose telling William or someone that no, they can't open their presents yet, they need to wait until Christmas morning. She is a really neat character and was super fun to draw. I hope you like it! Merry Christmas.

miles [Profile] 2012/12/23 - 14:57:30
ohh this is really cool :D i love the shading, it really deepens the picture. i also really love that foreshortening on the arm, it looks great~

for crits though, i think you could have muted the colours in the background? they are very bright. also her neck seems to be a bit too thick, and i think the part where the thigh tapers into the knee comes a bit too early.
the rest looks great though, i'm sure wolven will love it~
starwarsdragon [Profile] 2012/12/23 - 16:19:56
Thanks miles, I see what you mean about the legs and neck and background. I think my computer's screen is a bit darker than most, so it looked fine until I saw it on another monitor. I'll certainly keep your advice in mind when I draw other pictures. Thanks.
wolven [Profile] 2012/12/24 - 12:59:56
Damn this is good. Thank you Starwarsdragon! (awesome name btw). I think you've done the outfit really well (but i didn't actually expect anybody to do her in this particular one. Thanks though.)
You have done her hair quite well, and the pose is great, (I'm horrible when thinking up poses, honestly. I mostly do people just sorta standing around- cuz i suck at movement) Given her skin tones as a vampire, i reckon you found her to be a right Pain-in-the-rear-end to draw.
i agree with Miles on most of the criticisms he gave and i can't really think up any of my own. um... a little shine on the dress mighta been nice.

lastly, Miles was right when he said i would love it. Its really well done, so thank you starwarsdragon! and Merry Christmas!
starwarsdragon [Profile] 2012/12/25 - 11:24:42
I'm glad you like it, wolven. :) Merry Christmas.

(45918) (link) Oekaki by earthdragon206, total drawing time 3 : 51 : 22

earthdragon206 [Profile] 2012/12/23 - 9:29:49
A character that I had in my head for a long time.

keidarancitygirl [Profile] 2012/12/23 - 11:52:27
I love this! She has character. Do you know anything about her?
miles [Profile] 2012/12/23 - 14:58:4
very nice.. i love the camo design on her pants. it looks amazing.
pumadragon [Profile] 2012/12/23 - 15:39:49
I am also digging the pants
saffron_shadow [Profile] 2012/12/26 - 13:19:30
Such a cool character! The anatomy is flawless and I love the way you drew the camo trousers :)

(45916) (link) Oekaki by tayuyaxn, total drawing time 0 : 50 : 0

tayuyaxn [Profile] 2012/12/22 - 13:46:46
Wolven's character William for winning 3rd place.

miles [Profile] 2012/12/23 - 14:59:6
very nice. i love how you drew the hair and eye.
wolven [Profile] 2012/12/24 - 12:53:33
Woah! Thanks Tayu! This has been done, SO WELL! The hair is pretty much perfect, and i love how you did the folds on the hoodie. His shadow powers on his right hand are really well done, hell, i dont think i can do hands anything like that!
Truly excellent man. Thank you very much!
Oh, and merry christmas!

(45915) (link) Oekaki by flapjack, total drawing time na

flapjack [Profile] 2012/12/22 - 5:59:53
This is a new species I made up combining water,an ostrich,and my friend Abbby! lol XD
This is called a Aulbpy because I took "A" from Abby(her name),"U" from Sup(which she says all the time),"L" from Jellyfish(this is part of a little rhyme that she's been constantly saying),"B" from Abby,"P" from Sup,and "Y" from Jellyfish. Yep,pretty weird,but hey it works! :P
Abby always has a one-sided bun(the water tank),jellyfish live in water so that is why there is water in the WATER tank,she has a shirt with those colored stripes(the leggings/legs),always has the most hilarious facial expressions,and the ostrich is her favorit animal.

This was pretty fun to make! I want you to try this out,and explain to me how and who you based it off of. :3

miles [Profile] 2012/12/23 - 15:0:9
this is so cute! and a really inventive and creative idea. i'd love to try it sometime but i dunno who i would do it on xD
your colours are so great to look at, as always :^)
bleufire [Profile] 2012/12/26 - 20:14:57
This is so cute. I especially love the facial expression down in the left corner.

I'll have to try this too. ^^
flapjack [Profile] 2012/12/30 - 18:0:36
Thanks guys! I can't wait to see what you come up with! :3

(45914) (link) Oekaki by lemmyloop, total drawing time 0 : 46 : 13

lemmyloop [Profile] 2012/12/21 - 21:22:18
I heard that you wanted more holiday pictures. Here, have some mistletoe and people being kind of cute. It's green too, so that counts too, right? I'll probably be drawing more dumb Sketches like this. Holiday Spirit!!!

starwarsdragon [Profile] 2012/12/22 - 15:0:18
Very cute. I love the little branch of mistletoe.
dreyacira [Profile] 2012/12/22 - 19:45:33
Yes more Lemmy sketches!! This is adorable, I love Gideon's expression.
geckodragon [Profile] 2012/12/22 - 21:11:24
YAY!! =D
miles [Profile] 2012/12/23 - 15:0:32
so cute :^) i love the shines on the eyeballs, and their expressions look really natural.

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