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The Dragon Tutorial

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Dragon Heads

Updated for 2003, the Dragon tutorial continues to grow. This tutorial mainly focuses on the head, basic positioning, and on things like horns, tails, and frills. Check out the claw and wing tutorials for help on those specific parts.

There are so many different ways to approach the dragon head. This tutorial is going to show how to do a basic side and 3/4 view of the dragon head. What makes every dragon unique is the horns, frills, ears, and other little touches. Make a dragon all your own!

Step 1 - Framework

We're going to build the dragon head with 4 basic parts; the cheek/jaw, the eyeridge, the snout, and the neck. Start by bubbling in these basic shapes for a side view, the easiest view to pull off.

Step 2 - Head Form

Building on top of the shapes I fill in the lower jaw and split the mouth open with a beak-like finish. I add in an eye, build up the eyeridge, and add a nostril so that our little dragon can breath!

Now I start going in for more details. I give the eye a pupil and sink it farther into the head. I add an extra flap of skin around the nose and the end of the mouth to give it a 3-dimensional look. Teeth can be shown coming over the lower lip or they can be hidden until the dragon actually opens it's mouth; it's a personal choice, I designed this dragon with the teeth overlapping.

Fleshing out the neck is a good idea before you finish off the head so that the connection to it does not look awkward.

Finally we add in all of the little details that make the dragon unique; a crest along the back, several horns, and a plated belly.

Step 1 - Framework.

Now that we've mastered the side view we shall try a 3/4 view of a dragon curling it's head around. Start with the same bubbles (the structure of the head does not change!)

Step 2 - Head Form.

Once again we fill out the form of the dragon by giving it a lower jaw and splitting it's mouth open. The eye, a defined eyeridge and nostril are added.

Step 4 - Details.

The neck is built up and the face takes on a more definate form with the addition of a pupil, skin flaps, and by sinking the eye into the skull.

Wing Unfurled

Last come the details (you'll notice a pattern!). This dragon has curling rams horns, 2 ears, and scales running along the ridge of the belly. Isn't he absolutely adorable? Don't you just want to hug him and squeeze him and take him home with you? No? Ok, never mind.... onto the next section...

Can you handle... Part #2?

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